Volume VII – Veronika Hilger & Jana Baumann
Volume VII – Veronika Hilger & Jana Baumann

December 2022

Veronika Hilger in conversation with Jana Baumann in her studio in Munich.

Volume VII – Veronika Hilger & Jana Baumann


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Anousha Payne: A faint glow, a stone and a shark’s tooth


Opening Friday, May 3, 2024, 6–9 pm

Anousha Payne, b. 1991, graduated from Camberwell College of Arts, lives and works in London. Working with sculpture and painting, her preferred materials are ceramics, textile, wood, rattan, metal and watercolour. Payne’s work explores the human pursuit of spirituality in object form, as a mode of cultural expression that is distinct from religious symbolism. Her work processes the boundaries between personal experience, fiction and myth; exploring how information is both lost and gained through the transition from drawing and painting into three-dimensional works, notably ceramic sculpture. Often deploying reptile skin, her ceramics are intended as hybrid objects, a reminder of the fluidity and shared qualities between humans, animals, the natural world and inanimate objects. Ceramic sculptures are adorned with jewellery and textiles, acting as cultural signifiers whilst questioning material hierarchies and values. This process seeks to build an aesthetic dialogue and personal visual language as a meditative interaction. Informed by Indian folkloric stories and personal fiction, it plays on ideas of the performative powers of objects and chance; the combination of moral dilemmas and magic alongside characters with transformative qualities. A recurring theme in her work is highlighting the incongruity between ancient materiality and modern technology.