Volume VI – Thomas Geiger & Pieternel Vermoortel
Volume VI – Thomas Geiger & Pieternel Vermoortel

June 2022

Thomas’ work sheds light on topics such as democratization, economization, freedom, play, embodiment, gathering and occupation. All of these are topics whose discourses underwent rapid changes over this last year. This underpinning of change lends a sensitivity and fragility to the work that also informs the rich set of sentiments present in these conversations: alienation, family comfort, fear, loneliness, love, depression, revolt and not to be underestimated anger.

Volume VI – Thomas Geiger & Pieternel Vermoortel




Anna McCarthy: Washing Cycle. 2 Jul–6 Aug 2022


Various Others 2022: Anna Ehrenstein & Andrew Gilbert, in collaboration with KOW, Berlin. 10 Sep–15 Oct 2022


Millionaire’s Chamber: A 1-year project by Thomas Geiger, Part VII with treasures by Sarah Bogner, Hanakam&Schuller, Mikko Rikala, Josef Zekoff


Anna Vogel: Departure tomorrow


Various Others 2020: Lena Henke, Dominique Knowles, Megan Francis Sullivan, in collaboration with Galerie Emanuel Layr (Vienna/Rome)