Taube x SPERLING #3
The Collection for the Poor Collector

Publication and exhibition edited by Thomas Geiger

with Marc Buchy, Nobutaka Aozaki, David Horvitz, Thomas Geiger, JaZoN Frings, Matthijs Booij, Jonathan Monk, David Sherry, É. Brot & M.Marion, Sophie Lapalu, Donna Kukama, Adnan Balcinovic, Kurt Ryslavy, Antoanetta Marinov, Dennis Tyfus, Jesús "Bubu“ Negron, Constant Dullaart, Florian Graf,  Hubert Renard and *

exhibition: April 11, 2018 - April 21, 2018

Would you like to become a collector of contemporary art despite the near-zero balance in your bank account? Don’t worry! This manual will help you to find affordable artworks that suit both your financial capacity and of course, your taste.

Here, I present you with a selection of 21 artworks encompassing drawings and sculptural objects; as well as digital, purely immaterial or even performative pieces. Not only is this manual jam-packed with amazing bargains, you also get the chance to learn about artists undertaking the brave and exciting work of exploring economic and distribution strategies outside of the art market. This is of course in order to make their works more accessible to folks not ordinarily party to its conditions, allowing the once exclusive practice of collecting works of art to become possible for all!

Your future collection will range from artists like Jonathan Monk, who invented a model to dine out for free; to Donna Kukama, who is selling the clouds out of the sky whenever and wherever possible. This is without doubt the perfect (and most of all affordable) start into your soon-to-be illustrious career as a poor collector.

Thomas Geiger