Andrew Gilbert

artist's CV

Solo Exhibitions (selection):
Emperor Andrew´s occupation of exotic Bavaria, Filsers, Mainburg (DE)
The Sun will Never set on the British Empire –The Beast Awakens, Ten Haaf Projects, Amsterdam (NL)
Andrew Gilbert & Sam Durant, Last Tango, Zürich (CH)
Shaka Zulu – the Musical, SPERLING, Munich (DE)
Ulundi is Jerusalem, Andrew is Emperor, Brocoli is Holy, Overbeck - Gesellschaft, Lübeck (DE)
Trophies of the Savages - Idols of Civilisation, Blank Projects, Cape Town (ZA)
The Life of Baby Afghan Squirrel, SPERLING, Munich (DE)
European Tribal War Idols, Waterloo 1815, Gallery Polad - Hardouin , Paris (FR)
Je suis...Brocoli!, Jagla Ausstellungsraum , Cologne (DE)
Andrew's Exotic and Erotic Massage Parlour, Sightfenster, Cologne (DE)
Fiore e Soldate, with M. Galliani, Studio d'arte Raffaelli, Trento (IT)
Sacred Soil and Bloody Ground, Galerie Kai Erdmann, Hamburg (DE)
Forte Comune 1914/2014, with M. Galliani, Forte Strino Military Museum (IT)
Andrew Gilbert at Settlement Projects, Leith Late 14, Edinburgh (GB)
The Glorious return of Emperor Andrew, Summerhall, Edinburgh (GB)
Andrew's Glorious Army Crosses the Alps, Studio d'arte Raffaelli, Trento (IT)
The Battle of Blood River, Ten Haaf Projects, Amsterdam (NL)
Andrew Gilbert and Akiyoshi Mishima, Nanzuka, Tokyo (JP)
Les Maitres Fous - Starring Andrew and Emil Nolde, Gallery Polad Hardouin, Paris (FR)
North European Primitivism - Andrew, Gislerbertus, Nolde, Rogier van der Weyden, Galerie Andreas Hoehne, Munich (DE)
Colonial Exhibition – Culloden 1746, Power Galerie, Hamburg (DE)
The Sacred Ambush is full of the sound of parrots screaming, (with Anna Parkina ), SVIT, Prague (CZ)
Trophies of the Savages, Galerie 207, Prague (CZ)
The Lost art of Convalescense, with Lucy Stein, Gimpel Fils, London (GB)
Hallucinatory Mahdis and Aeons, with David Tibet, Nationalmuseum, Berlin (D)
Der Heiliger Krieg, with Tomas Roubal, Kino Kytka, Prague (CZ)
Austerlitz – The Fate of Empires, Ten Haaf Projects, Amsterdam (NL)
Andrew Emperor of Africa, Galerie Polad Hardouin, Paris (FR)
Andrew’s death in Afghanistan, 1842, Power Galerie, Hamburg (DE)
Veronika Landa and Andrew Gilbert, MeetFactory International Centre for Contemporary Art, Prague (CZ)
Andrew’s honeymoon in India, 1857, Gallery Kabinet T, Zlin, (CZ)
Cut out her eyes – Cut off his Penis, with Lucy Stein, Forgotten Bar, Berlin (DE)
The Zulu Queen stood as Jerusalem fell, Ten Haaf Projects, Amsterdam (NL)
Black Magic White Power, Galerie Andreas Hoehne, Munich (DE)
Fix Bayonets and Die like British Soldiers Die!, Galerie Eva Bracke, Berlin (DE)
Vezelay to Jerusalem, Galerie Ny Bydilku, Brno (CZ)
The Temptation of John Knox, Forever and a Day Büro, Berlin (DE)
Deutsch Afrikanische Freundschaft, Autocenter, Berlin (DE)

Group Exhibitions (selection):
Another Country. Contemporary Artists on Immigration. City Arts Centre, Edinburgh (GB)
TEN / Contemporary German Art from the Collection of the Adam Gallery, Ostrava (CZ)
Thurso Art Gallery, Thurso (GB)
Inverness Museum & Art Gallery, Inverness (GB)
En quete de Graal, La Cooperative-Collection Ceres Franco, Montolieu (FR)
Another Country with Irineou Destourelles, Graham Fagen, Dawn Gavin, Elaine Rutherford a.o., Alice R.Rogers Gallery & Target Gallery, Saint John's Art Centre, Saint John's University,Minnesota (US)
XXIII. ROHKUNSTBAU 2017 – Schönheit im Anderen - The Beauty of Difference, Schloss Lieberose, Lieberose (DE) 
New Adventures in Vexillology, Kunstverein Amrum,Amrum (DE)
Two To Tango, SPERLING, Munich (DE)
Artist and Empire, National Gallery, Singapore (SG)
The Postcolonial Contemporary, Incline Gallery, San Francisco (USA)
drawing on drawing, curated by C. Stivens, Edinburgh College of Art (GB)
Artist and Empire, Tate Britain, London (GB)
European Tribal Wars, with D. Wood and S.Kaminiski , Bavarian Army Museum, Ingolstadt (DE)
State of Mankind, Draw a Line , Berlin (DE)
Alptraum, Visual Voice Gallery, Montreal, (CA)
House of Pain, curated by Veit Loers, Galerie Petra Martinetz, Cologne (DE)
Berlin Klondyke, Salon Dahlmann, Berlin (DE)
Pigdogandmonkeyfestos, curated by S.Doyle and M.Mallinson, Phoenix Gallery, Exeter (GB)
a Man walks in to a bar, me Collectors room, Berlin (DE)
Alptraum, Salon de Liria, Goa, India (IN)
VIII Bienale d'Arte Giovani, Museo d'Arte Moderna, Gazoldo degli Ippoliti (IT)
seemed like a good idea at the time, SPERLING, Munich (DE)
In Furs, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin (DE)
PigDogandMonkeyfestos, curated by S. Doyle and M. Mallinson, Airspace Gallery, Stoke on Trent (GB)
Alptraum, UGM Maribor Art Gallery, Maribor, (SI)
Half Devil Half Child, Blank Projects, Cape Town, (ZA)
SVIT, Svit Praha, Praha (CZ)
Lord of the Flies, Wannieck Gallery of Modern Art, Brno (CZ)
Apokalyptik als Wiederstand - Collection Tom Biber, Bavarian Army Museum, Ingolstadt (DE)
The Hecklers, curated by C.Lewisohn, The New Art Gallery Walsall, Walsall (GB)
Visionen, Marta Heford, Herford (DE)
1.per.sing., curated by Johannes Sperling, b - 05, Montabaur (DE)
Images for Images - Artists for Tichy - Tichy for Artists, curated by Zdenek Felix, GASK Gallery of central Bohemia (CZ)
The Beautyful Ones, curated by Storm Janse van Rensburg, Nolan Judin , Berlin (DE)
Das Allerletze Prof. Winkler Stipendium,  Kunstverein Weiden (DE)
The Legend of the Shelves, Autocenter, Berlin (DE)
Fliegen, Kuenstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin (DE)
Home is where the peppers grow, Autocenter, Berlin (DE)
Berlin–Klondyke, Neuer Pfaffenhofener Kunstverein, Pfaffenhofen (DE)
Thingsplace, by John Brown, Superclub, Edinburgh (GB)
L’amour herouiqe, MUba Eugene Leroy, Tourcoing (DE)
Necessarily True, Garage, Rotterdam (NL)
Berlin Status (1) , Kuenstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin (DE)
The International Bongo Bongo Brigade -The hair in the cannibal-prophetic soup of Dr Emil Holub, NTK Gallery, Prague (CZ)
Berlin Klondyke, L.A Art Centre, Los Angeles (USA)
Gastspiel Paris Munich Teil 2, Galerie Van de Loo Projekte , München (DE)
Berlin Klondike 2011, The Odd Gallery, Dawson City (CA)
Pure Freude, curated by Jonny Mullen, Nationalmuseum, Berlin (DE)
Charlottenburg Diktatur, curated by C. Malycha, Babbettes Bar, Berlin (DE)
Wherever they Fell, Wilkinson Gallery, curated by Anna Parkina, London (GB)
Transcendenz ink, Autocenter, Berlin (DE)
Lontana’ Centre for Contemporary Art, Plovdiv, (BG)
International Bongo Bongo Brigade – Curated by the Holy Brocoli from India, MeetFactory, Prague (CZ)
Paranoid, De Nederlandische Cacao Fabrik, Helmond (NL)
Easy Jetsetters, curated by Lucy Stein, Forgotten Bar, Berlin (DE)
6th Biennale for Contemporary Art, Salle des Calandres, Eragny, (FR)
Bushwick Schlacht, Fortress of Solitude, New York (USA)
Early Works, Wonderloch Kellerland, Berlin (DE)
Der Müde Tod, Kai 10 Raum fuer Kunst, Düsseldorf (DE)
Zeigen, by Karin Sander, Temporary Kunsthalle Berlin, Berlin (DE)
Transcendendenz Ink, Forgotten Bar, Berlin (DE)
Moving Walls, Museum of New Art, Detroit (USA)
Sovereign European Art Prize Exhibition, Somerset House, London (GB)
Porridge Wogs, curated by Cedar Lewisohn, Five Years Gallery, London (GB)
Madonna und Wir, curated by C. Nathusius, Galerie Christian Nagel, Berlin (DE)
Autocenter 1, Autocenter, Berlin (DE)
Ben Cottrell, Andrew Gilbert, Andreas Hofer, Forever and a day Büro, Berlin (DE)
Irresistible Magazine, curated by Cedar Lewisohn, Tate Modern, London (GB)
Niveaualarm, Kunstraum Innsbruck, Austria (AT)
Ketzer und Co. The Golden City, Galerie Jiri Svestka, Prague (CZ)
La Boum II, Galerie Sies und Höke, Düsseldorf (DE)
Psycho. Zeitgenössiche Positionen zwischen Seelenheil und Apokalypse, Kunstverein Mönchengladbach (DE)
Schwarz, Brot, Gold, Kunstverein Oldenburg, Oldenburg (DE)
Palace of the Zulu-Queen, Kunsthalle Pankow, Berlin (DE)
Heckel und seine Drei Scheisshaufen, Institute Andrew Gilbert, Berlin (DE)
Friede, Freude, Freiheit, Galerie Guido W. Baudach, Berlin (DE)
Northern Exposure, Isle of Uist Community Arts Centre, Uist (GB)

Andrew Gilbert - The Life of Baby Afghan Squirrel, edited by SPERLING, published by Edition Taube, Munich, 2015
European Tribal Wars, Bavarian Army Museum, Kettler Verlag, 2015
Forte Commune - 1914 - 2014, Forte Strino Military Museum, Vermiglio, 2014
Andrew Gilbert - Andrew's Glorious Army crosses the Alps, published by Studio d'Arte Raffaelli, Trento, 2014
Andrew Gilbert - Andrew Emperor of Africa, Andrew Gilbert, published by Kerber Verlag , 2011
Andrew Gilbert - Andrew you must kill your enemies before they kill you, published by Q.H.S.O.I.Q.O.C.M.S Berlin, 2011
Andrew Gilbert - Colonial Exhibition – Culloden 1746’ published by Power Galerie, Hamburg 2012
Andrew Gilbert - The 17th Lancers in the Anglo Zulu War, 1879' Possible Press, Berlin, 2007

Superdeals Brussels, Brussels (BE)
Goethe Institute Artist in Residency, Meetfactory International Centre for Contemporary Art, Prague (CZ)


Holy Brocoli and North European Primitivism, Edinburgh College of Art (GB)
Artists who drink alcohol should be killed, Academy for Applied Arts, Prague (CZ)
Vezelay to Ulundi – from the First Crusade to the Anglo Zulu War, Camberwell College of Art, London (GB)